Woman left in tears after star sign tattoo goes horribly wrong

 (Jam Press/@lydiassawyer)
(Jam Press/@lydiassawyer)

A woman claims she asked for a detailed lion tattoo but was left mortified after saying she received a bizarre doodle instead.

Lydia Sawyer said she showed the tattooist a picture of an intricate king of the jungle portrait to represent her Leo star sign.

The 23-year-old asked for the tattoo to be placed behind her ear, which meant she was unable to keep her eye on the process.

However, she said she received the shock of her life after the artist revealed the doodle-like drawing he had etched onto her skin that looked nothing like her request.

Lydia, of Bournemouth, Dorset, is now desperate to remove the mishap, however, she says she will have to fork out at least £320 on laser removal before covering it up with more ink.

”Don’t go for a walk-in tattoo just because you’re bored,” Lydia told

”I went to the tattoo place for a walk-in appointment. It didn’t seem dodgy, but they didn’t ask me to fill in any consent forms or ask for my I.D.

”I’m pretty sure they would just tattoo anyone.

”The artist said he couldn’t do my design as detailed as I showed him, but he would do the best he could.

”It was behind my ear so I couldn’t really see it. But over the next few weeks, I began to hate it.

”It cost me £60.”

 (Jam Press/@lydiassawyer)
(Jam Press/@lydiassawyer)

Unlucky for Lydia, this isn’t the first time a tattoo has caused her stress.

She admits that she also had a tattoo of her boyfriend's initials behind her other ear which she has since covered up.

It was during this appointment that she looked into getting rid of the lion for good.

She added: “I went to go get it covered up a few weeks ago, as I was going to get another covered up on the other side.

”It was my ex-boyfriend's initials. I got that covered up, but he said the lines on this one (the lion) were too dark.

”They said I would need a few sessions to lighten it up at £40 a session.

”I’ll need around eight sessions of laser, but it’s so painful and sensitive on this area of skin so I'm leaving it at the moment.”

What  Lydia asked for... (Jam Press Vid/@lydiassawyer)
What Lydia asked for... (Jam Press Vid/@lydiassawyer)
What she got (Jam Press/@lydiassawyer)
What she got (Jam Press/@lydiassawyer)

Thankfully, Lydia found humour in her situation and took to TikTok to share her ink drama.

In a video that has been viewed over 48,000 times, Lydia reveals the intricate sketch of the lion that she showed the artist for inspiration.

Later in the clip, she shows the disappointing results.

Users flocked to the comments to share their thoughts on Lydia’s tattoo mishap.

However, many were not convinced that she didn’t notice the artist had messed up.

”How did they manage to get it that wrong,” said one user.

 (Jam Press/@lydiassawyer)
(Jam Press/@lydiassawyer)

”But you should have seen the stencil and said no,” said another user.

Another user joked: “Bro made merlion.”

Someone else said: “There’s no way that’s the picture you showed the artist.”

”Definitely should’ve taken a look at some work from them before you got it,” said a second.

Another wrote: “No bloody way.”