Woman leaves internet stunned with ‘incredible’ transformation

 (Jam Press Vid/@arlennehernandezm)
(Jam Press Vid/@arlennehernandezm)

A woman has left social media users scratching their heads after revealing her incredible ‘catfish’ transformation.

Arlenne Hernández loves using makeup to twist her facial features, having picked up brushes for the first time 20 years ago.

More recently, she has become a viral sensation on TikTok for her before and after makeovers, with 265,300 dedicated followers.

However, it’s not all glitz and glam as the 40-year-old often gets abused for her exaggerated appearance with trolls making “hurtful comments”.

One of her videos has racked up over 10 million views with plenty of people sharing their take on the look.

“[…]… a year ago I began to characterize an older woman by making wrinkles, dark circles, etc for people to see the change in my makeup,” Arlenne, who lives in Tampico, Mexico, told

“And in my videos, I explain that we should not judge the appearance of people for that reason I do.

“Many people make hurtful comments.”

Some of the trolls have since apologised for “insulting” the influencer, and she says others are very keen for her to “teach them how to put on makeup”.

 (Jam Press/@arlennehernandezmakeu)
(Jam Press/@arlennehernandezmakeu)
 (Jam Press/@arlennehernandezmakeu)
(Jam Press/@arlennehernandezmakeu)

One said: "I get the feeling it's makeup before and makeup after. The lines on the forehead are too precise."

"And that's why going swimming on a first date is not a bad idea," said another.

A third added: "You low-key gave me the exorcist vibes on the first one lol." [sic]

 (Jam Press/@arlennehernandezmakeu)
(Jam Press/@arlennehernandezmakeu)

"I need that makeup cause even her wrinkles disappear," someone else said. [sic]

A fifth added: "This should be illegal."

Arlenne says she started the “transformations” over ten years ago because of her passion for Halloween makeup.

"I hope to make [people] see that we shouldn't hate others, because if they really [looked] like this, then they wouldn't know how this affects people on the inside,” she said.

"Many ask me to teach them how to put on makeup and I make videos on my Facebook.

"There, they realise that my appearance isn't the way they see it on TikTok and many apologise for insulting me."