Woman involved with Hafidz Roshdi apologised to actor's wife

20 Feb – Hafidz Roshdi has recently posted on his social media a picture of his hand clasped with another's hand (presumably his wife's) and thank all who have prayed for the wellbeing and happiness of his family.

This came about after Athira Yuhada, the woman accused of being the third party in Hafidz Roshdi's marriage with non-showbiz wife Nurul Shuhada, has apologised for her mistakes.

In a recent Instagram post, the woman admitted to being selfish, adding that she had tried to avoid Hafidz's multiple attempts to contact her for the past nine years.

"Eventually, this thing happened after I found out about his mental health situation and tried to give my support to him. I admit that I was weak and foolish," she posted.

However, Athira stressed that she has cut all ties with the actor, and vowed that such a thing would never happen again.

"I have not been in contact with Hafidz for a while now, and it will never happen again. Again, I would like to apologise to Shuhada, [and their children] Humairah and Umar," she added.

News about Hafidz's relationship with Athira broke last week, when Shuhada confirmed on social media that there is a third party in their marriage.

Hafidz and Shuhada tied the knot in 2016 and are parents to two children, Humairah, 6 and Umar, 3.

Hafidz with wife Shuhada
Hafidz with wife Shuhada
Hafidz with his two children
Hafidz with his two children

(Photo Source: Hafidz Roshdi IG)