A woman has been indicted in Ohio for a string of 'serial killings' in which police say she met men for sex, fatally drugged them with fentanyl, and robbed them

Yellow tape that reads "Police Line - Do Not Cross."
Rebecca Auborn, 33, was indicted in Columbus, Ohio for the murder of at least four men.Lance McMillan
  • Rebecca Auborn has been indicted in a string of four "serial killings" this year.

  • Prosecutors say Auborn met the men for sex, drugged them, and robbed them.

  • Police say all four men died of a fentanyl overdose, and there are likely more victims.

A woman in Columbus, Ohio, killed at least four men after meeting them for sex, drugging them with fentanyl, and robbing them, authorities say.

Columbus police first arrested Rebecca Auborn, 33, on August 26, according to the indictment obtained by Insider. Now, she's facing 28 felony charges, including murder, aggravated robbery, and corrupting another with drugs.

All four victims died of a fentanyl overdose.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office called the murders "serial killings" in an October 25 statement.

"Don't buy sex in Ohio — it ruins lives and could cost you yours," Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said in the statement.

Yost told The Columbus Dispatch he has labeled these killings "serial" because the suspect has at least three deaths connected to her.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office and the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office both declined to comment further.

The first victim died in January, while the second and third victims died in April. The fourth victim died in June. Investigators believe there are additional victims, according to their statement.

There is an additional fifth victim who survived an encounter with Auborn in December 2022, according to the indictment.

The investigation first launched after the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force received a tip about a woman meeting men for sex before drugging them and robbing them.

Auborn is set to be arraigned on October 30, where she will enter her plea and be assigned an attorney. She has no significant criminal history, according to the Dispatch.

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