Woman Gifts Sister $3K to Help Pay for Her Wedding — Then Her Sister Told Her It Wasn't Enough

“She called asking when I was gonna send the balance amount and when I said that [$3K] was it, she got mad at me," a woman explained on Reddit

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A woman contributed $3K to help pay for her sister's wedding, then her sister complained it wasn't enough.

In a post on Reddit’s popular AITA forum, a user explained that she and her sister grew up in a "modest" home and their parents had “a very small sum” to pay for their college tuition but “no money” saved for their weddings.

She went on to say that she attended college on a scholarship and now has a "good job." When she and husband married, they had an intimate celebration, which they paid for themselves.

After her sister got engaged, she said she wanted to have “a nice wedding like mine,” says the Redditor.

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She went onto explain that her sister asked their parents for financial help, but they declined as they “are still paying off” the “mortgage on their home.” So she gifted her sister $3,000 as a wedding gift to “use for the wedding.” Then her sister asked her for more.

“She called asking when I was gonna send [the] balance amount and when I said this was it, she was mad at me, telling how it wasn't even enough for her dream dress… How she needed way more to have a nice wedding like mine,” the redditor recalled.

“I told her this was the gift I was willing to give her. She said it wasn't fair since I had money. I do, but everything I have is earmarked for my needs,” she continued. “I told her as much. She called me a cheap bi--- and hung up.”

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The woman said she eventually got a call from their parents, who were “disappointed” that she wasn’t able to help her sister “out more” because this was “all she had in her life.” However, she told them that the wedding wasn’t a “necessity” and her sister should not “rely” on her to pay for her nuptials.

“They are mad at me now as well, and apparently thinking of taking another loan on the house to finance her wedding,” she wrote, before asking others whether or not she was in the wrong.

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The post garnered nearly 4,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments from people who noted that they did not think that she was in the wrong.

One person commented, “Honestly, spending a lot of money on a wedding when you don't have the means is financially irresponsible. You aren't obligated to help your sister, but even if you wanted to, it would make more sense to contribute to a downpayment for a house or something useful in the long run.”

Another wrote: “it’s not your responsibility to pay for her wedding. $3000 is a very nice gift and very generous. Your sister is extremely entitled to think you should just pay for her wedding.”

Others called out her parents for asking her to help her sister when they didn’t help her pay for her own wedding. One person said, “Do not let these people guilt you into believing you are somehow a bad or disappointing person because you won't subsidize your entitled-acting sister's dream wedding. Your sister and parents have their priorities wrong if they can't be happy with a wedding your sister and fiancé can afford.”

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