Woman Forgets Partner Is Color Blind During Gender Reveal

A woman in London forgot about her partner’s color blindness as they disclosed the gender of their first child with a confetti cannon.

Expectant mom Jenna Cowan shared footage of the moment to TikTok, stating on the video caption that she “forgot” about her boyfriend’s color-blindness during the big announcement.

The video shows Cowan’s partner pushing the popper on the confetti cannon, and as she bursts out in excitement upon seeing pink confetti fly through the air, he turns to her to confirm whether it’s a girl on the way.

Cowan told Storyful that she and her partner are “super excited” to become parents and that they hope the video “spread some awareness” of color blindness.

“He is partially color blind,” Cowan said. “So he can see colors but they just are not the correct ones which is why he couldn’t work out what the gender is.” Credit: Jenna Cowan via Storyful

Video transcript

- What is it? Is it a girl?

- A girl.