Woman Fights With McDonald’s Staff in London After Being Blocked From Drive-Thru

A woman in England fought with McDonald’s staff after attempting to enter the drive-thru lane despite it being closed.

This video, posted on June 6, shows a worker standing in front of a car and arguing with the driver in the parking lot of a McDonald’s in the London borough of Enfield.

Shyaan, a bystander who filmed the video, said the woman was attempting to enter the McDonald’s drive-thru, which was closed due to a buildup of traffic on a nearby road.

In the video, a woman exits the car and tells the worker to “move away” and later tells the employee to “f*** off.” Reports said the woman also told the worker, “I hope you f****** die.”

The woman continues to curse and insult the worker as she gets back in the car and begins driving it slowly, forcing the employee to walk backward.

The woman exits the car again and continues fighting as more staff gather around. Later in the footage, someone she was driving with grabs her and tries to get her back into the car.

Shyaan said she was “disgusted” at the “abuse” the woman gave the McDonald’s staff.

“I can’t believe the amount of verbal and physical abuse this guy experienced when he was only following the rules required of his job role,” Shyaan said on Facebook. “To attempt to run over and to slap, push and punch this guy just to get in the queue for a McDonald’s is absolutely disgusting.” Credit: Shyaan via Storyful