Woman exposes 'spycam' in GSC toilet, turns out it was a screw

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 22 — A woman was shocked to find what she thought was a spy camera hidden in the women's bathroom, only for online users to find out it was a simple screw.

Mikayla Mühlberger found a camera lens-shaped screw in the walls of a Gurney Plaza GSC toilet stall in Penang.

Believing it to be a spy camera Mühlberger quickly destroyed it with her keys.

The entrepreneur took to Facebook on Monday to warn other women and to complain to GSC.

However, many online users found the spy camera pictures sceptical.

“My friend from GSC told me that this is only from the toilet tissue roll holder that they had taken off.”

“One hell of an advance high-tech cable-less pinhole cam, just the lense, and nothing else... very sophisticated sia...”

GSC Head of PR and Branding Sharmine Ishak issued an official statement to China Press over the Facebook post.

She said that the GSC Gurney Plaza staff immediately checked the toilet to investigate when the post went viral.

“After investigating, we found that the object was a screw from a leftover toilet paper dispenser,” Sharmine said.

“Perhaps it was because it was round in shape, which caused the netizen to mistake it as a spycam.”

Sharmine instructed the staff to reinstall the dispenser in its original position and has urged the public to report any other suspicious activity to GSC.