Woman and Dog Rescued After Spending 18 Hours Stuck in Canal in Southwest Arizona

Authorities in Yuma County, Arizona, rescued a woman and her dog on June 8, after the two became stuck in a canal for approximately 18 hours.

This bodycam footage, posted by the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office official Facebook page, shows officers using rescue equipment to extricate the woman and the dog.

According to details in the post, the incident occurred when the woman took her dog out and was unaware a canal was nearby. When she noticed her dog was unable to get out of the canal, she went in to get him and also became stuck. Almost 18 hours later, a train conductor spotted the woman and alerted authorities.

Upon arrival, authorities from the Wellton Police Department and the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office worked to pull the dog and woman to safety. After a strap broke while they were rescuing the woman, officials used a long dog leash to lasso her and pull her to the side of the canal.

Wellton Police Sergeant Juan Salcido, the first officer on the scene, told local media the woman sustained injuries that indicated she put up a fight against the canal current.

“Her body told the story of her constant fight. She had abrasions to her arms and legs. She had a sunburn. She looked exhausted to the point she couldn’t stand on her two feet,” Salcido said.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office thanked all those involved for their efforts.

“We want to thank everyone involved in assisting with this rescue, including the train conductor who spotted the subject in the water and called 911,” they said in the post. According to media reports, the conductor who saw them was in the eighth train that went by that day. Credit: Yuma County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript


- I got her a tether.

- You got a tether?

- I got a tether already.

- OK.

- I just need to get a rope, now.


- Grab that bag, OK?

- There's a carabiner on it.


- Here, hang on to this.

- Here.

- Hang on.

- What I'm going to do is, I'm going to throw this over your body, OK?


- What is it?

- It's a leash.


No, what I want you to do is, I want you to put your arms in it. That way, I can-- there you go. There you go. You ready?



- We got your [INAUDIBLE].


- There you go. There you go.

- You're OK.

- There you go.



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