Woman denied entry into Malaysian police station, uses cushion cover to extend skirt

The station's staff member even acknowledged her resourcefulness with a thumbs-up gesture.

A woman using a red car seat cushion cover below her knees as a dress
Jeanne devised a creative remedy that managed to convince the police officers. (Photo: Jeanne JY/Facebook)

Dress codes at official Malaysian buildings have been a contentious topic for the longest time.

Earlier this year, a woman was denied entry into a hospital's emergency room for wearing shorts.

In another incident, a woman was also denied entry into an elevator at a city council building in Johor for wearing an 'inappropriate' outfit.

Last but not least, a woman was also denied entry into a police station in Kajang despite allegedly wearing shorts that covered her knees.

A recent incident at a police station in Perak showcased the resourcefulness of a Malaysian woman who tackled the dress code concern.

Jeanne JY, a resident of Bukit Indah, recounted her ingenious workaround in a Facebook post.

Having informed by a police personnel that her skirt failed to comply with the dress code due to its perceived short length, the woman from Perak was ready to head home to change in to something more suitable.

According to the post, the personnel at the police station informed her that her skirt needed to extend at least halfway down her calf to meet the dress code requirements.

Recounting her exchange with the police officer, she wrote:

“Tuan (Police officer): Your skirt is not long enough, it cannot be above the knee. It has to go half way down your calf. You can’t go in, so sorry but this is the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)."

"Me: Give me 5 minutes.”

Makeshift dress

Not having any alternative clothing at hand, Jeanne asked the personnel for five minutes and considered returning home for a change of attire.

However, inspiration struck as she approached her parked vehicle.

She repurposed her car seat's cushion cover to extend the length of her skirt.

By wrapping the cushion cover around her waist and securing it with a jacket she had on hand, she managed to adapt her outfit to meet the stipulated criteria.

Upon her return to the police station, Jeanne confidently informed the personnel of her efforts to conform to the dress code.

A picture of a woman using a red car seat cushion cover as a dress
Jeanne's makeshift dress amused the onlookers at the station. (Photo: Jeanne JY/Facebook)

Her unique solution garnered amusement from onlookers. The station's staff member even acknowledged her resourcefulness with a thumbs-up gesture.

“Tuan, I tried my best. He then waved for me to come in. They (all the officers present) all laughed until they couldn’t speak,” she said in her post.

“I didn’t know that I was lucky enough to participate in this year’s Most Creative Costume Award. There was no sarong to borrow here at the station. And to think that I almost went home to change,” she added.

The moral of the story? You can turn anything into decent clothing if you are resourceful enough. Well, just try not to go too far like Lady Gaga.

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