Woman Cleans Kettle With Coca-Cola in Quali-tea Kitchen Hack

When an Englishwoman noticed her teakettle had become coated in limescale recently, she decided to try a method she had only seen on the internet, pouring Coca-Cola into the kettle and setting it to boil.

Amanda Mandeville, from the village of Otterbourne in Hampshire, England, posted a video on her TikTok account showcasing her kettle-cleaning journey, as she pours the soda in and leaves it for a half an hour as it boils. Mandeville then dumps the liquid into her kitchen sink and gives the kettle a bit of a scrub, before repeating the process.

“I’m pretty excited because the idea of putting chemicals in here, and having to rinse it out loads and loads makes me feel a bit bad,” Mandeville says in the video.

Twice in the video Mandeville comments on the pleasant aroma of boiling Coke, which should be good news to people grossed out by the smell of boiling vinegar, another common way to descale a kettle.

“Oh, my gosh, Coke did well,” Mandeville says as she films the shiny inside of the newly cleaned teakettle.

The soft drink has been known to be a useful household cleaner for decades, as noted in this Good Housekeeping article. Credit: Amelia Mandeville via Storyful