Woman ‘voted off flight by fellow passengers’ after argument

A woman has claimed that a passenger was voted off her Frontier Airlines flight, after the traveller got into an argument with other people on the plane.

Lanais, who goes by the username @lanaisli, took to TikTok on Monday to share videos of her flight from Trenton, New Jersey to Atlanta, Georgia. The first clip started off with one woman arguing with another female passenger, who was sitting a few rows behind her. The two women proceeded to yell at each other, with one telling the other to “mind her f***ing business”.

The clip went on to show a flight attendant walking over to the passenger in the first row, as the traveller explained that her male friend on the flight did “nothing wrong”. He then walked over to the other female passenger and gave her some money, before she responded by throwing the cash at him.

As security workers walked down the aisle, the woman from the couple turned around to defend her friend. She criticised the woman behind her, as she claimed that the traveller was the one who needed to be taken off the plane.

In a second clip, the woman from the couple apologised to another man in another row, before pointing at the passenger she was arguing with. She claimed that this passenger had been making “remarks about her the whole time”.

As the couple was escorted off the plane, other passengers questioned why the woman that they were arguing with was still on the flight. One passegener spoke up about the situation, after someone had told him to “shut up”.

While the flight attendant walked over to him and asked him to settle down, he still went on to make a claim about how this incident on the plane represented “American culture”.

“If everybody was really about everybody as a collective whole, everybody would work together,” he said. “But everybody is against everybody. It’s American culture that’s the problem.”

The third video continued with the male passenger speaking up again, as he asked his peers if they wanted the woman, who was in the initial argument with the apparent couple, to be taken off the plane.

“If you want her removed from the flight, please raise your hand,” he said. “I’m not even kidding. If you can hear me, raise your hand if you want her removed from the flight. I’m not even kidding, I got 40 hands up.”

Lanais’ footage proceeded to show the passengers sitting in front of her, many of whom had their hands raised.

The male passenger who conducted this poll then called the security worker over, before adding: “Sir, I want her off the plane. I don’t care, I’m trying to prove a point. If you want to be a d*** to people, we’re going to be a d*** back.”

The video went on to show the woman grabbing her bag from the overhead bin of the plane, seemingly confirming that her fellow passengers got her kicked off the Frontier flight. When she told security that she didn’t “know what [she] did”, he responded: “I don’t know…but this back and forth, 30,000 feet in the air, you can’t be arguing.”

Lanais also shared the videos to her Instagram account. She went to the comments of her post to share more context about how the initial argument started. “The man that threw the money on the lady was going back and forth with a flight attendant,” she wrote. “We drove off and the pilot made a complete u-turn to get him off then all this transpired.”

As of 2 May, Lanais’ three videos on TikTok have more than 7.9m views combined, with viewers in the comments poking fun at the incident and praising the passenger for getting the woman voted off the plane.

“Getting voted off the plane in the air is crazy,” one wrote.

“I’m cryinggggg…she got voted off the plane,” another added. “He preached & had a vision and made it happen. They all ‘worked together’ like he wanted.”

“Is this a survivor plane or something,” another joked, referring to the TV show Survivor, where a group of people compete with each other in order to win a million dollar prize. “How do you get voted off the island like this.”

The Independent has contacted Lanais and a representative for Frontier Airlines for comment.