Woman in China tear apart basketball court rubber mat to avoid her child's study from being disturbed

A woman in China tore up a basketball court floor to avoid her child's studies from being disturbed in southern China. Filmed at the basketball court in a village of Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, the woman tore a part of the rubber mat on what was supposed to be a public basketball court together with her child. She did so because she lived very close to the court and she thought the noises caused by people playing basketball would disturb her child’s studies. The woman was reported to have tried to stop people from playing basketball but failed. So she began to damage the court. Police criticised and educated the woman. Currently, the woman is negotiating with the local community for compensation, according to a village official, reported by Jiangsu TV. The official also added that the court was indeed very close to residential buildings, and the planning was inappropriate, so the next step is to consider moving the court to another place. The video was filmed on April 20 and provided by local media with permission.

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