Woman in Australia blocked from RM37.8m inheritance for not having a job

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 23 — An Australian woman has been blocked from inheriting her father’s £7million (RM37.8 million) fortune because she does not have a job.

Clare Brown from Sydney, is now contesting her father’s will in court, arguing that his conditions to get the funds were unrealistic.

Brown is currently surviving on welfare payments with her wife Lauren and their one-year-old daughter, Daily Star reported.

Brown was left with £6.82m (RM36.83 million) by her successful stock broker father Chris following his passing in January on the condition that she gets a job or contribute something to society.

Clare, however, claimed she could not work as she has Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and had also been diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

She went on A Current Affair news programme demanding that she be given what was rightfully hers.

“Can you please stop with the whole ‘me getting a job’. It’s not happening. I am broke constantly and can’t do anything about it,” she said, claiming she was being “financially abused” by her father.

Lauren, meanwhile, said her wife struggles with everyday tasks, adding that they have a checklist of basic reminders including ones to eat.

“She does not have an executive function in her head. Our cats would not get fed, they would starve — because she would not remember that they need to eat,” she said.

Clare’s family, however, said her reasons are just an excuse.

“One clause was to get a job. The second clause was to contribute something to society. Tick those two boxes and access all the money you like,” Clare’s cousin Jimmy said.

“We would like her to get a job and contribute to society. Instead of her agreeing to her dead dad’s wishes, she turned around and sued her trust,” he added, noting the family was at their wits’ end and they have done nothing but love her.