Wolseley City launch: Sarah Ferguson returns from cancer treatment in style

Sarah, Duchess of York (Dave Benett)
Sarah, Duchess of York (Dave Benett)

The first King’s Speech in 70 years wasn’t the only Royal return yesterday. At the launch of The Wolesey City last night, Sarah, Duchess of York appeared for her first night out since an operation for breast cancer.

“It is great to be out tonight and to see a great name in hospitality have such a spectacular first night,” said Fergie at the gala dinner that marked the opening of the Wolseley’s new branch on King William Street, “I feel blessed to be well and to have looked cancer in the eye and not blinked. I know that I am so lucky and that I still want to celebrate life.”

In June, the Duchess revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram. She has since undergone a mastectomy, sharing details of her treatment on social media. Other guests at the dinner included Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason and the Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes.

“I have always faced adversity and happiness with the same attitude: put your front foot forward and recognise that whatever happens I am lucky and so many face bigger challenges,” she said.