Wix launches AI-powered SEO tool to boost your website’s search performance

 A person working on a laptop outside.
A person working on a laptop outside.

Wix has announced a new addition to its in-platform SEO tools that it says leverages the power of AI to instantly generate tailored title tags and meta descriptions based on page data, ensuring relevancy and delivering automation of SEO best practices.

The new AI Meta Tag Creator is the first AI-powered feature within Wix’s collection of SEO tools and makes the website builder one of the first on the market to offer such an AI-powered functionality.

Wix says the new tool is designed to save users time with SEO content creation and allows them to make real time adjustments from within the SEO panel and settings.

Wix SEO boost

Wix SEO AI tool
Wix SEO AI tool

Developed and powered by OpenAI, the new Wix AI tool works across different page types and analyzes content from the entire website to understand search intent, delivering relevant meta tag suggestions without manual input.

“The challenge of creating search-optimized content, including title tags and meta descriptions, has long been a hurdle for website owners and marketers,” said Nati Elimelech, Head of SEO at Wix. “With the introduction of the AI-powered SEO tags creation tool, users can complete complex tasks more effortlessly with optimal results. We are proud to continue delivering SEO tools at the forefront of innovation and empowering our users to succeed online.”

Wix’s new SEO tool is available to all English-language users now.

Duda AI SEO tool

AI-powered SEO is a hot topic in the website builder world, with Duda also recently announcing the roll out of its own automation tools that allow users to instantly generate meta titles and descriptions of all their pages from one central dashboard.

This new tool can be applied across an entire website or just applied to pages with missing tags and works across multiple site languages.

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