Witness describes George Floyd pleading for life

As the trial began, prosecutors said that Chauvin had betrayed his badge by "grinding" his knee into George Floyd's neck during a deadly arrest last May. The trial that is widely seen as a test of the U.S. justice system, after footage of Floyd's death sparked worldwide protests against police brutality against Black people.

Prosecutors questioned an eyewitness on the scene, Donald Williams II, about the incident, drawing on Williams background in security and as a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter.

Williams said it was clear Floyd was in distress.

"You seen the blood coming out of his nose. You heard him tell him before he stopped speaking that my stomach hurts, and most of the time that's the last bowel movement of your life, so from there on he was lifeless, he didn't move, he didn't move, he didn't speak, he didn't have no life in him no more on his body movements," he said.