Wisconsin Couple Light House in Pride Colors After Homeowners' Association Asks They Remove Flag

Homeowners in Racine, Wisconsin, lit up their house in rainbow-colored floodlights after their neighborhood association asked them to remove their Pride flag because it violated their banner display rules.

The video shows the home highlighted in rainbow-colored floodlights on June 4.

Anibal Fachino and Lance Mier replaced their Pride flag with a rainbow display of floodlights as a way to bypass their HOA’s rule asking that only one US flag be flown at any house in the neighborhood, according to reports. Flags representing political affiliations or sports teams are also not permissible.

Fachino shared the video on Reddit where it quickly went viral. In the post, he clarified he has no negative feelings toward his HOA; he was simply trying to show his “individuality while still following the rules.” Credit: Anibal Fachino via Storyful