Wingsuit Skydiver Jumps Off Mountain by Night With Flare to Guide Him

Norwegian skydiver Andreas Hemli was recorded flying off a cliff above Loen, in the country’s Nordfjord district, by night, with a flare attached to his wingsuit to help him navigate through the valley below.

Fellow skydiver Espen Fadnes said he recorded the heart-in-mouth footage on January 25, 2021. In the video, Hemli can be seen getting ready to jump near the Loen Skylift as he counts the seconds down.

Fadnes said the stunt was inspired by the song Fallen Angel, recorded by Norwegian singer Tix for the 2021 Eurovision song contest.

The vertiginous video shows Hemli cruising down the mountain in his illuminated wingsuit, before opening a parachute and landing safely. Loud cheers are heard as Hemli lands.

“[Hemli] used a signal flare to light up surroundings so he [could] see the mountain below and safely fly down to the valley,” Fadnes told Storyful.

Hemli regularly documents his skydiving experiences, which he uploads to his Instagram account. Credit: Espen Fadnes via Storyful

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