The 'Wingcopter' that offers vaccines by air

This Wingcopter drone distributes vaccines by air

Location: Weiterstadt, Germany

(SOUNDBITE) (German) MANAGER GERMAN START-UP WINGCOPTER, TOM PLUEMMER, SAYING:"What's special about Wingcopter is that it flies extremely fast: we set the world record with a maximum speed of 240 km/h (149 MPH). It can fly very far, more than 100km with one battery charge."

Location: Pentecost, Vanuatu

The German start-up has run trials in Africa, the South Pacific and Southeast Asia

It aims to scale up fast to deliver millions of vaccine doses

(SOUNDBITE) (German) MANAGER GERMAN START-UP WINGCOPTER, TOM PLUEMMER, SAYING:"We want to use the drone during the health crisis to deliver vaccines more quickly and safely to their destination while maintaining the cold chain. In summary, we can take off from one location and then send the drone to various final destinations."