'He Was on My Windshield': Snake Hitches a Ride on Woman's Car in Kansas

A woman was in for a shock when she caught a snake slithering on her car while she drove on a Kansas highway.

The footage, recorded by Vicki Ruhl, shows a sneaky snake hanging off the car’s mirror and sliding up her windshield.

Ruhl told Fox23 News her only focus was on not crashing the car.

“I was just frightened; just terrified,” she said. “I saw the snake and it was my worst nightmare come true in that moment.” Credit: Vicki Ruhl via Storyful

Video transcript


- He was on my windshield.

- Oh my god. What kind of snake is it?

- I don't know. I called--

- It's no rattle.

- Yeah, it's not. But it is-- it's not-- oh--

- And so I called-- I called the police. I said--

- No we're not going to help her.

- No.

- Can you imagine?


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