Windows95man has made it through to the finals of Eurovision 2024, and we are cheering him on

 Windows95man dancing in front of a denim egg.
Windows95man dancing in front of a denim egg.

What you need to know

  • Windows95man is a character created by Finnish artist Teemu Keisteri, who wears a Windows95 t-shirt and very short cut-off denim shorts.

  • Windows95man is representing Finland for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, and has just made it through the final heats, with a song titled 'No Rules'. This means we're about to see more of him in the final on May 11, 2024.

  • The Eurovision Song Contest is a yearly event where predominantly European nations submit original songs that are performed live and subjected to public voting. It stands as one of the world’s most enduring and widely viewed television programs, renowned for its distinctive and flamboyant acts.

Windows Central staff are celebrating right now; why? Because the man born to be our mascot has made it one step closer to winning Eurovision 2024. Yes, the mighty Windows95man made it through the semi-final and will be dancing in his underwear and Windows 95 merch on the Eurovision Final this Saturday evening.

Windows95man, who will represent Finland, is right at home amongst other bonkers entries in the Eurovision Song Contest. You can watch his winning Semi-Final performance of 'No Rules' below, with his triple-denim-clad collaborator Henri Piispanen.

Windows95Man, real name Teemu Keisteri, is normally joined on stage by Clippy who often looks like he's in dire need of a restart, there's no Clippy on stage for 'No Rules' though, just a gigantic denim egg and Windows95man shooting sparks from his underpants.

Windows95man and Clippy
Windows95man and Clippy

I'd love to think Windows95man could win the contest, but he's up against some stiff competition from other popular acts like Ireland's entrant Bambie Thug, the "goth gremlin goblin witch" with a performance that wouldn't look out of place in a Hellblade marketing campaign. There's also Baby Lasagna with the catchy 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim'. It's a tough competition, and the song 'No Rules' may not be strong enough to make it all the way. If you could win on pure charisma, Windows95man would have this in the bank. Unfortunately, it's a song contest.

Show your support for Windows95man

Now that you've seen him for yourself, what's stopping you from looking Windows95man? Windows95 merch, that's what. Don't be shy; cut those old denim jeans down to a thigh-skimming length and grab a shirt off Etsy to support our hero.

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