Window-Smashing Elephant Seal 'Likely' Back on Australian Shores, Authorities Say

A hulking elephant seal that wildlife experts say is likely the same one who smashed windows at a BP gas station in Point Lonsdale, Australia, on January 20 showed up on the other side of Port Phillip Bay on January 23.

Sheridyn Witney, who recorded the footage of the enormous mammal splashing out of the water at Blairgowrie Beach on January 23, told Storyful that the seal was “swimming before exiting the water to seek comfort and security tucked away on the sand.”

Quoting Victoria’s Conservation Regulator, ABC reported that the seal was likely to be the same one who wreaked havoc in Port Phillip Bay on January 20.

The outlet said the seal was believed by some residents to be Henry, a popular seal known in the area, but other residents disputed this, saying Henry has not been seen in 10 years.

Witney said the seal’s presence on the shore was “not totally out of character,” as adolescent seals will often leave their group to explore.

She provided additional footage showing the seal back in the water later that day. Credit: Sheridyn Witney via Storyful

Video transcript



- It is the same one.

- You're welcome to-- [MUFFLED SPEECH]

- Here you go.


- I think he's deciding to come ashore.


- Here we go.

- Where am I?

- Wow. Good Lord, look at the size of that thing.

- Wow.

- Hello.

- Look at that teeth.

- Big teeth.

- Oh.

- Not that many of them, is there?

- I know exactly how you feel.

- Place it on the bottom.

- And he keep's looking up.

- Yeah, that looks brutal.


- Looks like he's about to come over the fence and say hello. I could still use that in there.

- OK, yeah.

- Whoa.

- And look at his strength in his body to do that.

- I saw him.

- It's beautiful.

- Yeah, it's as much as you can do for him.