Wind turbine bursts into flames

wind turbine
Fire crews were called to Blaen Bowi near Newcastle Emlyn, Wales - Athena Picture Agency Ltd

Firefighters have been called to a blaze at a wind turbine in west Wales that sent burning debris tumbling to the ground.

Walkers reported seeing the 100ft wind turbine billowing with smoke and flames, before a section fell to the ground and “exploded”.

Fire crews were called to the turbine near the market town of Newcastle Emlyn, on the border of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire, at 11.46am on Monday.

Nick Blasdale, 61, and wife Alison, 59, said they were shocked to see parts of the turbine break free.

Mrs Blasdale said: “We watched the top section burst into flames then drop off whilst still burning then explode when it hit the ground.”

Mid and West Wales Fire Service said: “Crews responded to a wind turbine which was well alight on their arrival.

“Pieces of the wind turbine were falling nearby and crews monitored the condition of the debris.

“No further action was taken by crews and the landowner continued to monitor for fire spread and falling debris.”

The crew left the scene at 1.03pm.

The turbine was one of three that make up the Blaen Bowi Wind Farm in Carmarthenshire. The 1.5MW wind farm became operational in 2002.

Last summer, a turbine at a wind farm on a beach in Suffolk caught alight, resulting in a substantial blaze.