William Shatner to preserve his life through AI

Actor William Shatner is preserving his life story through AI

giving current and future generations the chance to speak to him

Location: Los Angeles, California

The “Star Trek” star spent 45 hours answering 650 questions

to be used in an interactive video created by StoryFile

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ACTOR, WILLIAM SHATNER, SAYING:"I spent five days answering questions. They're going to take 9 hours a day, about 45 hours of material, put it into A.I. and resurface with a button that you can press and then you ask me a question and this image, I will answer the question based on artificial intelligence. So this is a legacy, this is like what you would leave your children, what you'd leave on your gravestone, the possibilities are endless.

"Imagine. Holy people and wise people and great minds are being born and come to the fore and die out all the time. It's a continuum so imagine for a moment, imagine if we had this technology for all those great people in our past but the future, the present is now and the future is on its way every time we take a breath and so the great people of today can be recorded forever."