William So donates face masks using son's savings

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25 Mar – Instead of giving his son a big birthday bash this year, William So revealed that he has instead sent a donation under son Jazz's name to the elderly.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer whose only son turned three recently, shared that he has decided not to give his son a birthday gift this year, but instead took out HKD 4,400 from the money he saved for Jazz's future to buy 1,000 face masks for the use of the elderly.

"A few days ago, Shirley Cheng and I went to donate rice, face masks and daily necessities to the elderly living alone. Although the weather was a bit cold, I saw how happy they were under the mask," he said.

William said that he hopes that Jazz will grow up to appreciate how lucky he is, and to be blessed with the ability to give back to society.

"I believe that the fight against the pandemic is still a long way to go and the world needs more love," he added.

(Photo Source: William So Instagram)

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