Wildlife officials save jackal drowning in 100-foot well in India

Rescuers in western India saved a jackal recently which fell into a 100-foot-deep well. Akash Jadhav and his team from the Animal Rescue Society got a call from locals reporting the struggling animal near the town of Ahmednagar. When they arrived at the scene on April 14, they found the stricken jackal had been struggling all night to free itself and had become exhausted. Unable to move, it was slowly drowning in the rising water. “We got the call just in time. If we had gone there even an hour later, the animal would have probably died," said Jadhav A team member went down and brought the animal up with the help of a large butterfly net. The team gave the animal first aid and a veterinary doctor came from the forest department to revive it. The jackal responded well to the treatment and was later released in a nearby natural habitat. A stray dog unexpectedly turned up during the release and chased the jackal but the wild creature turned out to be too fast for the dog and escaped easily.