Wildlife officials rescue leopard from drowning in 45-foot-deep well in east India

Wildlife officials rescued a leopard from drowning in a 45-foot-deep well in east India.

The leopard, that came in search of food, struggled to stay afloat until it was rescued by the Wildlife SOS rescue officials.

A few villagers who spotted the leopard inside the deep well immediately called in the Wildlife SOS to the scene.

The team of wildlife rescuers reached the leopard with ropes, a makeshift platform and a trap cage.

Footage, filmed on May 20, shows the leopard struggling in the water as the rescue officials lowered the makeshift platform to provide it temporary support.

A trap cage was then lowered near the wild cat for it to board on that. After making a repeated attempt it successfully jumps into the cage.

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder & CEO of Wildlife SOS, said: “These are very difficult times for the world but that will not stop us from providing aid to both wildlife and communities in need."