Wildfires Burn Over 22,000 Hectares Across North-West Spain

Wildfires have burned a combined 22,260 hectares across the community of Galicia in North-West Spain, according to local authorities.

The two largest wildfires are those in O Courel, where 7,500 hectares were burned and 900 people were forced to evacuate, and in Valdeorras, where 7,500 hectares have burned and 500 people were forced to evacuated, according to authorities in Galicia..

Footage from @BrifLaza shows firefighters from the Reinforcement Brigade for Forest Fires, based in Laza, battling against the Pradoalbar wildfire, which has spread to 3,500 hectares. In a comment on the post (translated by Google Translate), they said: “We look like ants next to those flames but little by little we are mastering it.”

Local media describes it as the worst outbreak of wildfires since 2017 when almost 50,000 hectares were burned. Credit: @BrifLaza via Storyful

Video transcript


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