Wildfire Injures Firefighters, Forces Evacuations in Andalusia, Spain

A rapidly growing wildfire in the municipality of Pujerra in Andalusia, Spain, forced evacuations and injured firefighters on Wednesday, June 8, according to officials.

The Forest Fire Extinction Service of Andalucía (INFOCA) reported three firefighters were hurt while attempting to contain the blaze, with one receiving burns covering 25 percent of his body.

Up to a hundred people were evacuated from Pujerra and Benhavis, according to local news reports, amid “nightmare” 25 mph winds.

The wildfire was moving at a speed of approximately 98 feet per minute, officials reported on Wednesday evening.

As of the early hours of June 9, seven fire trucks, 17 aircraft, and 220 people were working to put out the blaze, according to INFOCA. Credit: Forest Fire Extinction Service of Andalucía via Storyful

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