In 'Wildcat', ocelot kittens help a soldier heal

STORY: These ocelot kittens are the

stars of a new documentary

'Wildcat' follows the story of Harry Turner

a former soldier struggling with PTSD

who moves to the Peruvian Amazon to help

a conservation group founded by his girlfriend

He says taking care of the kittens

gave him a sense of purpose

"It kind of gave me that drive to be better in myself so I could be the best person that I could possibly be to be the mother to them and yeah, if it wasn't for them cats, I have no idea where I would be now mentally but I'm so grateful and so thankful that they were in my life and I'll love them until the day I die."

Turner says he’s received positive feedback

from others for his raw depiction of depression

“The majority of the people that I've spoken to have been, you know, probably in their 30s or older and just the way that they kind of talk to me about it is just so positive and you know, they're very grateful and thankful that I have been able to be vulnerable on screen and show this side of depression that not a lot of films actually manage to make look real.”