'That is Wild': Waterspout Spins Off North Carolina Coast

A waterspout was reported off the coast of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, on Sunday, July 24.

Footage filmed by Twitter user Phil Elson shows the waterspout churning over the sea at Wrightsville Beach.

“Oh my gosh,” was the stunned response of one of those looking on, as heard in this footage. “That is wild. Holy moly.” Credit: Phil Elson via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh my gosh.



- I wonder if that boat even realizes he's like--

- Right by a tornado?

- You should take him-- you should go out into that. That is wild.


- See the water coming through the bottom.

- Holy moly.

But can it get strung out? It's going to go away soon. Here it goes. Here it goes. That was amazing. It's still there.

- [INAUDIBLE], are you taking a video also?

- I did.

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