Wild Rift Patch 3.2: The biggest changes to be excited about

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Patch 3.2 brings a lot changes that made the Wild Rift Community very excited. Photo: Riot Games
Patch 3.2 brings a lot changes that made the Wild Rift Community very excited. (Photo: Riot Games)

Patch 3.2 for League of Legends: Wild Rift is out now and we're all hyped.

The patch did not just include champion and balances, but also features new champions and changes that bring Wild Rift closer to the LoL PC version.

If nothing else, Wild Rift has really gotten better with Patch 3.2, and players have a lot to be excited about. Here are the biggest changes that really blew us away:

New Champions

Ekko is the first new champion to arrive in Patch 3.2. Photo: Riot Games
Ekko is the first new champion to arrive in Patch 3.2. Photo: Riot Games

New additions in the Support, Mid lane, and Jungle with the arrival of Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time, who can be a flex pick in the mid lane and in the jungle, followed by two new Supports, Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths and Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper.

You can read more about these new champions here.

Elemental Rift Changes

The Elemental Rift is back but with a new iteration for players to test. The most noticeable difference is that instead of collecting Dragon Souls, each Elemental Dragon's elemental impact will accumulate.

After you defeat your second Dragon, each subsequent Dragon death increases the power of the Dragon Buffs by up two times its original effect.

There were other adjustments as well:

  • The terrain will change after the first Dragon is slain.

  • Individual Elemental Dragons will still grant their elemental effect:

  • Infernal Dragon: 4% Adaptive Attack Damage or Ability Power.

  • Ocean Dragon: 3% Missing health every 5 seconds.

  • Mountain Dragon: Grants 6% Armor and magic resistance.

  • Instead of Dragon Soul, after your team slays its second Dragon, the elemental effects can stack. This will increase the power of each individual dragon buff by 1.5 - 2 times. For example:

  • Infernal Dragon: 4/6/8% Adaptive Attack Damage or Ability Power.

  • Ocean Dragon: 3/4.5/6% Missing health every 5 seconds.

  • Mountain Dragon: 6/9/12% Armor and magic resistance.

  • Elder Dragon will spawn at 20 minutes with a 4 minute respawn timer.

Control Wards

A new trinket for vision control has arrived in Wild Rift.

Control Wards are a LoL PC feature that help against camouflaged champions like Teemo, Evelynn, or Rengar.

Control Wards also offer area vision denial and potential long-term vision, but only one Control Ward can be on the map at a time for each player and they are more difficult to protect because they are not stealthed.

Harsher punishment for leaving Ranked games

If the Patch 3.2 preview was live, we’d probably hear loud cheers and rounds of applause.

Riot Games is finally implementing a harsher punishment for players who leave ranked games. This has been an ongoing issue since Wild Rift launched its Ranked Games.

"We understand how annoying it can be to have someone swipe out of your game, leaving you and your teammates at a significant disadvantage," Champions Lead, Maddy Wojdak, said during the Preview video.

Players who quit a ranking game will now be penalized, but their teammates will be given the chance to rebuild the game if they choose to do so. That player will also be the only one to suffer a loss.

This option is already available on LoL PC but can only be done in the first few minutes of the game, whereas the grace period for Wild Rift is much longer.

Affected players will also get bonuses as well.

New Runes

Patch 3.2 brought out more runes onto the Rift and these will surely shake up the state of game.

There were two keystones and six new minor runes that were added into Wild Rift.

Hopefully, we don’t see too much of an imbalance.

Domination: Giant Slayer

You can use Giant Slayer when you're dealing with opponents with high health.

When the enemy champion's extra health reaches 1000, deal an additional 10% of damage to their health.

Domination: Scorch

Caster champions can use Scorch to get an early advantage in the laning phase. Scorch is the rune to use if you want to dominate your lane with spells and burn your opponents.

Damage dealt to a champion's abilities deals an extra 21-35 magic damage after a one-second lapse in concentration. Cooldown timer: 10 seconds

Inspiration: Demolish

This is the latest addition to the tower-taking and split-pushing toolkit.

It allows fighters and tanks more options to play out their games, and it aids in the destruction of any structures that stand in their way.

When within 550 range of a turret, change an attack over 3 seconds. Attacking the turret discharges the attack dealing 200 (+ 25% maximum health) bonus Adaptive Damage. (30-second cooldown)

Inspiration: Nimbus Cloak

It's always handy to have the extra mobility that Nimbus Cloak provides after using up a lot of your Summoner Spell cooldowns.

Nimbus Cloak gives you the extra speed and zoom you need to track down an enemy or return to the safety of your team after fleeing from danger.

Casting a Summoner Spell grants 5% - 25% (based on Summoner Spell cooldown) bonus movement speed for 2 seconds.

Keystone: Lethal Tempo

This is for Summoners who want to hit fast and hard. If you have a way of sticking onto targets, this rune will allow you to melt through them in no time.

When attacking enemy champions, gain a stack of Attack Speed. For melee champions, these grant 6-12% (based on level) Attack Speed per stack. For ranged champions, these grant 3-9% (based on level) Attack Speed per stack.

6 stack maximum. When maximum stacks, gain an additional 30% bonus Attack Speed

Additional bonus Attack Speed buff lasts 6 seconds, buff is refreshable

Keystone: Kraken Slayer

Time your attacks right with this rune and you'll cut through enemies like a hot knife through butter.

You can either prime this effect on nearby minions before entering teamfights, or just stack as much attack speed as you can to guarantee you get your third hit out quickly.

Every third attack on a champion deals [28-70 (based on level) + 30% bonus AD + 20% AP] bonus true damage.

Kraken Slayer does not have a cooldown

On-hit effects do not add a stack but can trigger the full-stack damage

Stacks last for 3 seconds

Resolve: Ultimate Shield

Ultimate Shield is a new option for champions like Kennen or Morgana who want to go in with their ultimate cooldowns, and can be a good choice when you need some extra durability in a pinch.

After casting your ultimate, gain a shield for 90-300 (75 + 15 × level) for 3 seconds. (45-second cooldown)

Resolve: Nullifying Orb

If you take damage from a champion that causes your health to fall below 35%, gain a shield that absorbs 80 + 50% bonus AD + 30% AP for 4 seconds. (60-second cooldown)

Loads of new skins

Wild RIft is releasing a lot of new skins this patch, and High Noon Ashe is one of them. Photo: Riot Games
Wild RIft is releasing a lot of new skins this patch, and High Noon Ashe is one of them. (Photo: Riot Games)

It’s probably the longest list of skins that Wild Rift has for a patch. The first drop of 3.2 will only feature a handful, including Wild Pass Dream Raider Nasus and the High Noon series.

Here's the rest of the list:

  • Dream Raider Nasus

  • Astronautilus

  • Sand Wraith Pyke

  • Resistance Katarina

  • Resistance Miss Fortune

  • Majestic Empress Morgana

  • Forsaken Jayce

  • Dawnbringer Riven

  • Nightbringer Yasuo

  • Pulsefire Lucian

  • Pulsefire Pantheon

  • Pulsefire Shen

  • High Noon Irelia

  • High Noon Thresh

  • High Noon Ashe

To read more about Patch 3.2, click here.

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