Wild Rift Champions SEA Finals 2022: Eight players you should watch out for

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There are many stellar players at Wild Rift Champions SEA 2022. Which players shone in the Playoffs so far? Photo: Riot Games
There are many stellar players at Wild Rift Champions SEA Finals 2022. Which players have shone the brightest in the Playoffs so far? (Photo: Riot Games)

Only four teams remain standing at the League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia (WCS) Finals 2022.

Flash Wolves, Team Flash, Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ), and Buriram United Esports (BRU) are still in contention for the WCS Finals 2022 championship as well as the lion’s share of the US$200,000 prize pool.

All four teams have also qualified for Wild Rift Icons 2022, which is the highest level international competition for Wild Rift and the equivalent of Worlds for League of Legends.

These four teams got this far on the back of some amazing performances from their players. Let's look at some of these stand-out players and see how much they'll impact their team's run to the championship.

RRQ - Chazz (Jungle)

RRQ's Charles "Chazz" Esguerra has been touted by analysts as one of the best junglers in Southeast Asia and for good reason.

The Filipino player displayed incredible prowess in his role throughout the WCS Finals, even getting named player of the game twice in a row in RRQ’s match against Flash Wolves.

Chazz popped off, often tag-teaming with midlaner Sean "Helios" Palisoc to make their opponents work hard and sweat for the win.

On top of plays that seem impossible, Chazz has so far been known for his epic Baron steals, something that he managed to do at least twice in their match against Flash Wolves.

The third game was tilted against RRQ’s favour, with Flash Wolves nearly destroying the Filipino team’s Nexus, but in the last minute, Chazz once again turned things around in what seemed like an impossible Baron steal.

RRQ - Exosen (Support)

Eric "Exosen" Gubatan was previously dubbed by casters as “Corporal Exosen” before getting changed to “Boss Exosen” because he’s been RRQ’s glue guy and shot caller.

Exosen has had experience competing against the best of the best before at the League of Legends World Championship in 2013, so it’s no surprise that he has remained calm and collected throughout the WCS Finals.

Exosen has also been excellent at setting up teamfights and serving as RRQ’s tank on champions like Galio.

Just like Team Secret’s James "Hamezz" Santos — also known as “General Hamezz” — Exosen was key in making quick decisions in-game, best displayed in RRQ’s match against Persis Esports.

The team’s support player said in the post-match interview that the trust of his teammates has been key to leading them well.

Flash Wolves - Ysera (Top)

Wang "Ysera" Tsung-Chih, the top laner of Flash Wolves, is probably one of the strongest top laners in the WCS Finals.

Also not a stranger to the pressures of Worlds, Ysera has always remained calm and collected throughout the entire playoffs.

Even against the hardest counter picks, Ysera has proven in all the matches he’s played that he can keep up and make equal trades.

The Flash Wolves top laner also had shown us some clutch plays, taking triple and quadra kills in teamfights as he led his team to the upper bracket finals.

Ysera also served as the engine of Flash Wolves' split-pushing prowess, once almost ending a game against RRQ by single-handedly trying to destroy their Nexus. Chazz, however, was able to stop Ysera’s siege and turned the game around after a Baron steal.

Even if that gambit was thwarted, such ballsy plays from Ysera will be instrumental for Flash Wolves as they continue their campaign for the WCS Finals title.

Flash Wolves - Lock1ng (Bottom)

Ysera isn’t the only strong member on Flash Wolves. Liu “Lock1ng” Tso-Kang, the team’s bot laner, has been key in closing out teamfights.

Currently, Lock1ng is ranked as one of the best Dragon laners in the world with an overall win rate of 83%.

While the rest of the team held the lanes together, Lock1ng is always around to clean up the fight, whittling down their enemies en route to victory.

Lock1ng has been especially effective on Ziggs, an unconventional carry in the Dragon lane that deals so much damage in teamfights.

Flash Wolves' opponents and fans alike should keep an eye on Lock1ng in teamfights.

Team Flash - Zysu (Jungle)

Another stellar jungler at the WCS Finals is Team Flash's Nguyễn "Zysu" Phat, who also makes a strong case as one of the best junglers in the world.

Zysu usually disrupts team formations successfully on Lee Sin and executes clean ganks on Kha’zix as well, evidently shown in Team Flash’s fourth game against Buriram United.

On top of that, the jungler has been winning all his games on Olaf.

It would be interesting to see Chazz and Zysu go head-to-head in the upper bracket finals soon since they both have similar signature picks and a penchant to pull off flashy plays.

Team Flash – Elly (Bottom)

Đỗ “Elly” Đạt has been popular even when he just joined Team Flash's Wild Rift squad.

Hailing from the organisation's Arena of Valor roster, the Dragon laner is starting to make a name for himself in Wild Rift esports as well this year.

Elly has been known to use a lot of Ziggs, Ashe, and Senna.

His coordination with his teammates shows discipline, allowing them to take on their opponents with ease.

The Dragon lane matchup between Elly and Lock1ng during the upper bracket finals will also be one to watch.

Buriram United Esports - Archeny (Mid)

Players have to watch out for Buriram United's Nutchanon "Archeny" Yailuang at every turn.

Archeny can take full control of the mid lane, and is scary to counter on picks like Ahri, Ziggs, and Diana.

Blink once and you might find yourself caught in Archeny’s triple and quadra kills, which were pivotal in BRU’s matches against Team Flash.

Archeny has been key to how his team has made it this far, and he currently boasts a 78% overall win rate. If BRU's opponents aren't careful, Archeny may just improve on his win rate at their expense.

Buriram United Esports - Whatthejes (Support)

What Yuumi support deals 30,000 damage in a match?

It's Soragit "Whatthejes" Buranathanasin's Yuumi.

Yuumi hasn't been always as stellar on Wild Rift. But in the hands of Whatthejes, Yuumi's 'Final Chapter' ultimate becomes a nightmare initiating machine, attached to BRU's strongest members to start engaging and terrorizing the lanes they choose.

Whatthejes is also great at utilizing Thresh, with a 100% win rate in all games he's played so far this season. The BRU support always knows when and where to use the Chain Warden's lantern to put his team at an advantage against their opponents.

The WCS Finals will resume on Friday (6 May), with Flash Wolves going up against Team Flash in the upper bracket finals while RRQ faces BRU in the lower bracket semifinals.

The loser of the upper bracket finals will face the winner of the match between RRQ and BRU in the lower bracket finals on Saturday (7 May). The WCS grand finals will then be held on Sunday (8 May).

The champions of the WCS Finals 2022 will walk away with the grand prize of US$32,000 as well as a direct seed to the Wild Rift Icons Group Stage.

Meanwhile, the three other teams that qualified for Icons will start from the Play-In stage.

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