Wild elk in China rescued after its antlers became entangled in fishing nets

A large male wild elk was rescued after its antlers were entangled with abandoned fishing nets in southern China.

The video showed that this trapped male elk stuck in the fishing nets and struggle to wriggle free. Rescue personnel used ropes to fix the elk and then the fishing net was cut off. After more than 30 minutes, the fishing net weighing 20 kilograms was finally removed from the elk’s head.

Except for the epidermal injuries caused by struggling, the elk had no major injury. After a short rest, it can fully recover.

It is reported that the wild elk has a shoulder height of about 1.4 metres and a weight of about 200 kilograms.

Elk is commonly known as the "four different", which is a national prioritised protected animal.

The video was filmed on May 2 in Poyang County.