Wild elephant has lethal rampage before falling into ditch in east India

A rogue elephant was rescued after it fell into a pit in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, but not before it killed a local woman in its rampage.

The incident happened on January 28 near Guru Nanak Palli in the state's Asansol district.

Visuals show the elephant trapped inside a pit as the locals gather to watch the rescuers at work, who eventually tranquillise it and lift it free using a crane.

Reportedly the wild elephant was one of a pair that strayed away from their herd into the village at 1:30pm on January 28, with police and forest department officials barricading the village and driving them back.

However the elephant returned later that evening, killing an elderly woman and injured several other villagers until it fell into the pit and was tranquillised.

The animal was later released back to the forest at 3:30pm on January 29.