Wild boars terrorizing Roman suburb

Location: Monte Mario, Rome, Italy

Be careful throwing out your garbage in this Roman neighborhood

or you could get run over by wild boars

(SOUNDBITE) (Italian) ROME RESIDENT, ROSA CARLETTI, SAYING:"I am afraid. Now there are no boars but when there are I'm afraid. And it didn't happen just once, but many times. Once I saw them, I was going to throw out the rubbish and they came after me because I was carrying a bag with rubbish. I left the bag and went away."

The boars come to the city from large parks in the outskirts to rummage for food

and sightings have become common

(SOUNDBITE) (Italian) ROME RESIDENT, NUNZIA CAMMINO, SAYING:"With a family of fifteen boars, it's a bit difficult because you get scared. Even walking to school, a normal thing for middle school kids, becomes something dangerous."

(SOUNDBITE) (Italian) ROME RESIDENT, LEONARDO ZENOBI, SAYING:"Wild boars always stroll here but we are always careful with them. We are not afraid because we know they won't attack us but we always keep a safe distance from them because if by chance there is a mother with her piglets we risk being attacked."

Mayor Virginia Raggi is struggling to shift responsibility

saying boar control is up to the regional administration rather than the city

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