Wife of actor Afdlin Shauki reveals couple have parted ways since April, still best of friends

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 — Local actor and comedian Datuk Afdlin Shauki and his wife, Datin Maria Christina Orow Abdullah have been divorced since April this year.

The announcement was made by Christina herself via Instagram on Saturday after she has completed her three-months 'iddah' (period of waiting).

"Just a few months short of our 25th year married, Afdlin and I made a decision that we are finally announcing sometime during the fasting month (April), we (are) divorced.

"The decision was made relatively swiftly, perhaps because it seemed inevitable, and because we did not view it as a destructive or ultimate representation of our relationship,” Christina wrote in the post.

She said although their lives are headed in the same direction, there was a gradual separation in their daily lives as both had begun to make personal decisions that reflected changes both were seeking in their lives.

Christina also said that the pandemic made matters worse.

"By the time the pandemic hit, my life had turned introspective and particular, and his life had turned outward and all-embracing.

"And once life was trying to get back to normal this year and the issue came up, it seemed that we couldn’t carry on living parallel lives without some compromises.

"Which is when we decided that compromising wasn’t necessary if we were to part ways and simply wish each other well,” she wrote in the post.

Christina said although she and Afdlin are divorced, both of them will still remain to be parents to their three daughters and that their children have taken the news in stride.

"We both agree that separating like this shouldn’t be devastating or an ending, but rather something that allows us each to continue our personal growth, albeit apart.

"As I know Afdlin will continue to support me as a lifelong friend and soul mate, so will I support him on his own life trajectory, as someone whose influence on my life has been of great magnitude and meaning.

"We hope that friends and family who may not already know do not feel saddened, and that the public may accept this as a somewhat normal and regular life event that many people go through,” she said, adding that she hopes the public can respect their families and children’s privacy.

Afdlin chimed in the comments, stating that both of them are still best friends.

"Still my best friend and Chris have said it all perfectly about how we feel about each other. I still love her, I wish her all the goodness in life and will be there for her and the kids for the rest of my life."

Afdlin and Christina tied the knot in 1997 and both of them were blessed with three daughters Mia Sara, Anais and Ileana Matin.