'Why You Tasing Him?' New York Police Officer Uses Stun Gun on Protester at Brooklyn Rally

A New York police officer used a stun gun on a protester at a rally in Brooklyn on July 12 where pro-police and Black Lives Matter crowds clashed.

A man can be seen falling to the ground after being shot by the police officer’s stun gun, before being put in handcuffs by the officer.

“They tased this man and dislocated his shoulder while he was trying to film another man getting arrested. While the trump supporters on the other side punched multiple BLM protesters and they did not get arrested instead a officer gave one of them a literal pat on the back,” the uploader said in a Twitter post.

Back the Blue and Black Lives Matter protests gathered in Bay Ridge, leading to tense standoffs and clashes according to reports.

The protests occurred a day after similar demonstrations in Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights neighborhood. Credit: 30_aymen via Storyful