Why people bring Paddington Bears for the Queen?

STORY: Why are people bringing Paddington Bears for the Queen?

Mourners have been leaving Paddington Bears and marmalade sandwiches in parks

despite The Royal Parks asking people not to

‘’So I brought a Paddington Bear, I wanted to reflect the queen's sense of humour, I always thought that was magical and the way she interacted with people. So I thought Paddington might just last a little bit longer than some of the flowers so that's why I brought it.''

During her Platinum Jubilee, the Queen recorded a skit with Paddington Bear

In it, she says she always keeps his favorite snack – a marmalade sandwich – in her handbag

''I just thought, when I saw it in the Jubilee celebrations I just thought it was so cute. The fact that people are leaving marmalade sandwiches and Paddington Bears, I find it cute and kind of amusing, because that's how you remember the queen, it is really upsetting because it is just very upsetting.''

The Royal Parks issued a statement asking the public not the bring any teddy bears or sandwiches

due to the negative impact on the park’s wildlife

But it hasn’t stopped everyone

‘I get it because of infestation of rats and animals and creatures, they want to keep it clean right now because obviously, this is the queen's death. So I understand that but it's still very sweet that people are doing it, but we stuck to flowers and a card.''

''I can understand it from their point of view but then you've got to see what the public want to do.''