'Why Is It Not Coming Out of the Ground?' Two Females Sought After Street Partition Goes Missing

Police in Newport, Rhode Island, were seeking to identify two females who were captured on video tampering with a street partition that vanished on the night of April 29-30.

Newport RI Police Department released video showing the two females approaching the partition on Brewer Street and beginning a fight to remove it from the pavement.

“Why is it not coming out of the ground?” one of the females can be heard saying. “It’s not coming out of the ground, bro.” Credit: Newport RI Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- I'm going to get this one.

- Well, you're going to get this one, girl. [INAUDIBLE].


Why is it not coming out of the ground?

- [INAUDIBLE]. Wait, wait.

- It's not coming out of the ground, bro. [COUGHS SEVERAL TIMES]

- It's like the [INAUDIBLE].

- It's literally bolted into the fucking ground, bro. It's bolted-- wait.

- I'm not getting--

- We're so not getting this.

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