Why your next Tesla might be more LFP than NCM

STORY: Source: Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Most electric batteries in the U.S., Canada and the EU are nickel cobalt manganese cells or NCMs

But a cheaper alternative, already popular in China, is finally winning some global appeal

Elon Musk’s Tesla is among the early adopters of lithium iron phosphate batteries or LFPs

It fitted them to 150,000 EVs in Q1, 2022 - nearly half its total output

Tesla’s revelation comes as the Russia-Ukraine conflict hits nickel supplies

Meanwhile cobalt is tainted by reports of dangerous mining conditions in the DRC

A dozen or so companies are considering LFP factories in the U.S. and Europe

They cite the relative abundance and cheaper prices of iron as a key factor

LFPs also pose less of a fire risk, and lose less performance through constant charging

They fit the needs of cheaper or commercial EVs where range is not so critical

But there are hurdles, not least China’s current dominant position on LFPs

They’re also heavier, bigger and contain more costly and scarce lithium than NCM cells

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