'Why Are You Next to Me?': Bison Licks Car in Yellowstone National Park

A bison approached a tourist’s vehicle and proceeded to lick the car window in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park.

Travel Som Where posted a video on her Youtube page that shows a bison taste tasting during her family trip to the park.

“Oh my god,” a woman says in the video as the bison takes its time to slowly explore the exterior of the vehicle with its tongue. “He’s licking all the salt off my car,” she says in the video.

Travel Som Where wrote in the caption of the YouTube video that she tried to remain a safe distance from the animal. She said the bison however was determined to walk toward her car and lick it for almost an hour.

“We had no idea this was going to happen! Excuse my squealing, we got too excited (scared) at the same time,” she wrote in the caption. Credit: Youtube/Travel Som Where via Storyful

Video transcript

- Let's see. I'm right here behind you.

- Why are you next to me? Look at that. Why are you--

- I smell you. I smell food.

- You smell my food? Oh my God, it's really close by. Oh my God, it's really--

- You recording it?

- Yeah. He's licking the car.

- He's opening it.

- [INAUDIBLE] how to open it.

- It's opening for him.

- Can you tell that man to go away. So we can back up. Oh my God, he's licking the car. Maybe it's the salt, right?

- Oh, it is the salt.

- Hey, he's cleaning the car at least with saliva.

- Can you go away? Oh my God. He's really licking the car.


- I think it's licking all the salt off my car.

- Yeah, it's licking everything now?

- Yeah, it's licking all the salt off my car.

- [INAUDIBLE] see it.

- Doesn't the car taste good?

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