Why Nestle is putting insects in pet food

Nestle is putting something new on the menu for your four-legged friend.

The Swiss giant is to start making pet food from insects.

Set to launch this month, the Purina Beyond Nature’s Protein range comes in two flavours.

One features protein from black soldier fly larvae.

Nestle says bug-based food is more environmentally friendly, as it reduces dependence on conventional meat.

It expects strong demand from eco-conscious consumers.

The market has been pioneered by smaller brands including Green Petfood’s InsectDog, and Yora.

Now the world’s biggest food group thinks demand is sufficient to merit jumping in.

Its products will soon be available at Swiss chain Coop, which already sells insect-based snacks and burgers for human consumption.

Rollouts to other markets will follow.

Nestle’s pet care division had sales of almost 15 billion dollars last year.

It’s now the group’s fastest-growing category, and firm says this year’s events have only boosted demand.

People stuck stuck at home have bonded with their pets, and want to spoil them with pricier food, according to Nestle.

Whether cats and dogs think that bug-based dining counts as pampering, isn’t known for sure.