Why The Internet Is Obsessed With This House Right Now

Isabel Garcia
Photo credit: @frazierapproves - Twitter

From House Beautiful

From hidden hot tubs to entire basements dedicated to Star Wars, home interiors can be full of surprises. For an entertaining reminder of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, take a look inside this seemingly ordinary Pittsburgh house.

Twitter user @frazierapproves led the Internet on a journey filled with twist and turns through the house. He started by posting a photo of the red-brick home's exterior, writing, "I just discovered the greatest house listing of all time. It starts out very unassuming and modest."

Next he tweets, "Then, you see the yard and think 'wow, that’s somewhat surprising,'" adding pictures that show a pool and space for entertainment. Some people pointed out that one picture of the building's exterior is completely covered in what appears to be ivy, while another photo shows it's only partially covered in it.

He tweets, "Then, you see the interior, and think well that’s not quite what I expected," and shares a couple pics of the home's mismatched interior, which features a wall entirely covered with a space mural and a library loft above a fireplace across from another loft with a spiral staircase. Throughout the living room area, there are some truly random things like a gargoyle resting on a wooden bookshelf, a purple banner with a mythical creature, and a chair covered with what looks like a fur blanket and/or coat.

But when he gets to the next room, "things start to escalate." Remember that huge space mural? Well, it starts to make sense given this room that looks like the interior of a control room aboard a spaceship. One wall is covered with another space painting, but this one shows Earth from the perspective of what looks like the moon. There's a conference table surrounded by chairs at the center of the room and a TV mounted on a wall that looks like a control panel. Other spacecraft details inside the room? Foil insulation on the ceilings and yellow and black caution tape and signs around the doorframe. "Does this house have a portal to a different dimension or an alien planet in a different galaxy?" a person joked.

And just when you thought the theme of the house was coming together, the next tweet throws you off entirely. He shares photos of a tropical-themed room, complete with sand and seashells covering the floors. The walls feature an image of a beach with palm trees and a clear ocean shore. The room even has a shaded wooden cabana.

Finally, he shares the listing of the home, and writes, "and it's yours for the low, low" price of $159,900. After that outrageous tour, people had some funny thoughts on the home and its decor. "This is just an irl animal crossing house lmao," a person responded. "$150k for a spaceship with a pool seems reasonable," another person replied. Some also responded with a photo from the listing, saying that he forgot to include it. Since it captures the chaotic energy of the house, I'll leave you with it below.

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