Why Hollywood Producers Think They Need a Union Again

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Persistently low compensation and the financial chaos brought on by the pandemic have led hundreds of film producers to try to organize as a union — nearly 50 years after a court ruling shot down attempts by the Producers Guild of America to do the same. On Thursday, a group of 108 mostly independent producers — with letters from hundreds more prospective members — announced the leadership of the new Producers Union with “It Follows” producer Rebecca Green as president. Green says that while she and her colleagues in the new union had been organizing before the pandemic, industry shutdowns starting last summer eliminated work opportunities for producers and denied them the same financial relief actors, writers and directors had from their own unions. “Even back in my days of working at the Sundance Institute a decade ago, I was having talks with producers who were telling me how they would make these financially successful films but struggle to make ends meet,” Green said. “We are an essential part of the film industry and help introduce new filmmakers by producing debut films that lead them to bigger projects. It’s time that we got fair compensation for this.”Green’s “Dear Producer” survey...

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