Why Flight Attendants Want You To Check Under Your Hotel Room Bed

Bed mattress
Bed mattress

Bed mattress

I reckon, in order, my holiday fears go as follows; 3) missing my flight, 2) getting sick in a country where I don’t speak the language, and 1) finding something suspicious under my hotel bed.

I mean, there’s that haunting story of the woman who found a huge killer snake in her bed in Australia. Another even allegedly found a whole room under her hotel bed.

Thankfully, Esther Sturrus, a flight attendant for Dutch airline KLM, shared a TikTok with surprising advice for holidaymakers.

1) Use a bottle to check under the bed 

Instead of reaching down under your bed yourself to check for anything that could be down there, Sturrus recommends throwing a bottle into the space and watching to see if it comes through to the other side ― if it does, the area is clear.

2) Use a hairdryer to de-mist condensed mirrors

OK, this one’s a great hack ― the flight attendant shared that fogged-up mirrors can be cleared, in part, with the heat from a hairdryer, so it’s perfect if you’re rushing out the door soon after a wash.

3) Use the steam from your shower to smooth your crinkled clothes

If your outfit’s become wrinkled, hanging it up near a steam source is a great way to encourage it to smooth out, Sturrus says. Then, simply apply a dry wash spray and “it’s like good again,” the flight attendant promises.

4) Turn cardboard cups upside down for a solid toothbrush stand

If your hotel has given you a flimsy paper or cardboard cup to hold your toothbrush, then inverting it and placing a hole in its base into which you can plunge your toothbrush will provide a much sturdier base, Sturrus demonstrates. Pretty clever, right?

5) Make a makeshift surround sound system

If you’re in need of a bit more noise from your phone but haven’t brought a speaker with you, Sturrus recommends placing your phone in a cup to amplify the sound. 

Well, that’s my hotel room routine changed forever...