Why executive nomads should head to Lisbon

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Lisbon has much to offer executive nomads.

If digital nomadism is nothing new, the pandemic has helped make this lifestyle more popular. Many professionals now travel the world while working remotely. However, some destinations are better suited to their needs than others, as a British study reveals.

Working in the sun: many dream of it, some do it, especially since the pandemic. Welcome to the age of the digital nomads, the professionals who work remotely for a few weeks or months a year. All they need is an eligible visa (some countries have specific digital nomad visas) to be able to work remotely in exotic places, such as the island of Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand, Medellín in Colombia or Barcelona in Spain.

Not all faraway places are suitable for digital nomadism, as Savills reveals in its "Executive Nomad Index". The real estate consulting firm has ranked the fifteen destinations most suited to the needs of what it calls "executive nomads," or executives without a fixed office. Among its criteria are the speed of the internet connection, of course, but also climate, quality of life, prime residential rents and accessibility by plane.

Lisbon is at the top of this list thanks to the many advantages it offers to digital nomads. In addition to its excellent transport links, the Portuguese capital enjoys a mild climate. But that's not all: in recent years, the Portuguese government has multiplied initiatives to attract start-ups and foreign investors to the city. "Real estate costs are low and there is a strong local talent pool. [Tech] companies are moving their headquarters to Portugal. The area is becoming more and more international. I don't see Lisbon or Portugal slowing down any time soon," said Ricardo Garcia, head of residential at Savills Portugal.

Island appeal

The Algarve also benefits from this new momentum. The region ranks fourth in the British company's "Executive Nomad Index," behind Miami in the United States (No. 2) and Dubai (No. 3). The emirate stands out for the quality of life it offers to digital nomads, but also for its vast international airport, frequented by nearly 30 million passengers last year. These are all factors that attract foreign entrepreneurs, according to Helen Tatham, head of residential community sales and leasing at Savills Dubai. "Remote working enabled business owners from abroad to make Dubai their main hub," she explains.

Many islands also appear in the ranking of top destinations for executive nomads, including Barbados, Mauritius and Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. What they all have in common is quality internet access, a low cost of living, and numerous coworking spaces or Wi-Fi cafés on the waterfront. Enough to bring some extra joy to your workday.

The Savills Executive Nomad Index:

1 - Lisbon, Portugal

2 - Miami, USA

3 - Dubai, UAE

4 - Algarve, Portugal

5 - Barbados

6 - Barcelona, Spain

7 - Dubrovnik, Croatia

8 - Saint Lucia

9 - Malta

10 - Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

11 - Mauritius

12 - Côte d'Azur, France

13 - Cyprus

14 - Tuscany, Italy

15 - The Bahamas

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