Why environmentalists want to destroy this lake

From the air, it's tropical and turquoise.

But this lake in southwestern Turkey has villagers worried.

"Its beauty is coming from its toxic structure so it doesn't look beautiful to the residents of the village, of the surrounding village or to the environmentalists.''

Ozlem Katisoz from the Climate Action Network says it's an ash dam, a toxic lake composed of the wastewater and polluted ash generated by the nearby Yatagan power plant.

And it's polluted, filled with heavy metals including selenium, boron, nickel, copper and zinc.

In March last year campaigners won a legal victory. Turkey's state council issued an interlocutory decision that will see all thermal power plants operating without modernized filters having to stop their operations until they meet the standards.

''It is a very important decision and we hope that the final decision of the court will be as such.''

Katisoz is hoping the decision will also lead to a greater move away from coal mining across Turkey.