Why Disney Tied the Knot Between FX and Hulu

Tim Baysinger

FX premieres its newest drama on Thursday, the science-fiction thriller “Devs” from “Ex Machina” director Alex Garland. But viewers won’t find it anywhere on FX’s broadcast schedule, but instead on Hulu. This week, FX solidified its relationship with Hulu with the launch of the “FX on Hulu” programming brand. This makes Hulu the sole streaming home of FX, which includes a slew of FX-produced shows that will be exclusive to the Disney-owned streaming service. Branding is everything: For legacy media networks, that may mean that it’s no longer enough to survive on being just a TV channel. You can’t blame Disney for wanting to supercharge Hulu with the same company responsible for Emmy-winning series like “The Americans” and “Pose.” That means FX is now tasked with being both a TV network and a studio. Also Read: FX Chief on Hulu Partnership and Why Streaming Will Lead to an 'Overwhelming Amount of Content' “I’ve been saying for a long time we had to become a multi-platform brand. We had to be more than a channel,” FX boss John Landgraf told TheWrap in January during the Television Critics Association press tour. “We’ve really leaned into the idea of being a brand. Now, we have...

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